Rent a Tent

We have a selection of Bedouin style tents [also known as stretch or freeform tents] for hire ranging in sizes.
Bedouin tents can be set up in almost any location and on any surface. This adds to the tent’s versatility and makes them ideal for almost any event, be it indoor or outdoor)

Our Tents have been developed and manufactured in South Africa, making them “Proudly South African” and of the highest quality.

Our tents are made of multi stretch fabrics making them adaptable to almost any location, from your garden to the great outdoors. Imagine the possibility and there’s a good chance we’ll be able to do it. We can pitch tents over swimming pools, wooden decks, concrete surfaces, beaches, over lawns; our tents can even be attached to the sides of buildings. The options are endless!

Cape Tents offer products that comply with governmental building standards and South African regulation of flammability for membrane structures. They have been extensively tested and meet all fire related requirements for any event. While some events may not legally require these safeguards, it is still comforting to know your event won’t “go up in flames”.

Setting up stretch tents
Bedouin style tents can be set up as free standing structures or can be attached to existing structures. They can be set up with 2 or 3 sides down, creating an enclosed environment for windy or wet weather or all sides up, creating a canopy effect on a warm and sunny day. The client has the option of choosing the way they want the tent set up according to their specific needs for the upcoming function/event. Set up usually takes a couple of hours, with the time period determined by weather conditions, location, size of the tent and the client’s specific requirements.

Stretch Tents / Bedouin tent scan be set up to accommodate almost any size event, ranging from 50m² for the intimate private function to 300m² for a corporate event. Where a larger or more unusual event space is required two or more tents can be rigged together, offering stunning creative versatility.

Waterproof and UV Resistant
Our Tents are waterproof, and UV resistant.

50 75m² 115m² 150m²
80 120m² 185m² 240m²
100 180m² 275m² 360m²
150 225m² 345m² 450m²

Our tents are available in a range of colours to suit your event needs, just specify your requirements when making an enquiry.

Please inform us if there are any extras you need to go with the tent and we’ll gladly assist you where possible